An Online VR Process Made Easy


Building a house virtually can be overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be! Just like building a physical structure, a virtual home is built with all of the same detail of a physical home. The process can require an investment of time to pick out everything from faucets and doorknobs to furnishings and décor. That might seem exciting or overwhelming depending on your business model. The good news, BDX has a process built around YOU. Check out the decision tree below to see just how easy it can be. Haven’t experienced online VR? Click here to see Online VR in action or visit to learn more.


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Alaina Latiolais

Alaina Latiolais is currently the Marketing Manager and HBA Partnership Program Manager for Builder’s Digital Experience. She previously worked as a Digital Marketing Consultant for BDX working with builders of all sizes in the Austin, San Antonio and Corpus Christi markets. Finding her love for B2B marketing, she now helps educate home builders about marketing and technology and understanding the digital consumer. Alaina has over a decade of experience working with small, medium and large businesses on their marketing strategies, always with a strong focus on the latest technology and results. She has a practical approach that saddles between warm and daring, always challenging businesses to take the next step to adopt new technology and ideas.

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