Advertising Results Are On Fire With BDX

Home builders are seeing amazing results with BDX advertising.


Advertising results are on fire with BDX! With surges of active home shoppers online, inventory is up and builders are taking advantage of killer performance. Want the secrets to their success? We’ll be covering the top 4 advertising channels that you should add to your marketing mix.

1. BDX Facebook Retargeting

Average 2.85% CTR

Reach a highly targeted audience on Facebook of active NEW home shoppers with our proprietary New Home Source audience without the need for additional Facebook filters.

2. BDX Premium

Average <.8% CTR

Advertising on the leading new home website is a highly effective way to reach active new home shoppers online. With 65% of our audience preferring new, there’s good reason builders typically see 4X the industry average click-thru-rate.

3. Physical Retargeting

Average $58 CPL

BDX GPS enabled location based marketing solution targets consumers based on GPS tracked behavior and their proximity to your model home, sales center, or other relevant locations for a highly successful and cost effective advertising solution with measurable success.

4. NEW! Connected TV + Geo Fencing

Quantifiable RESULTS

Connected TV allows you to target and reach engaged New Home Source users across their connected Smart TV’s and devices. With additional Geo Fencing we can then track if a viewer saw your ad on television and went to your sales center after seeing your ad. There’s never been a more quantifiable way to spend your marketing dollars.

Now is the time to take advantage and reach highly engaged home shoppers that are looking for new homes. Need help with your advertising plan for end of year or 2021? BDX can help! Email us for a free planning session with one of our digital marketing consultants or learn more at


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At BDX, our team of experts sets us apart. For over 20 years, we’ve helped top builders successfully market their new home communities. We work with over 1000 builders to create successful digital marketing programs. Our professionals are experts in the latest technology, marketing, and industry trends.

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