[Trend 3/6] Build a Perpetual Sales Funnel through Social Media


Tomorrow afternoon, the newlyweds who just visited with you are going to invite their friends, and their friends’ friends to discover your model homes. You’re going to feel like a tour guide at the Smithsonian. This fantasy scenario could become a routine occurrence if you can master the art of social media marketing.

Think of social media as the partner of content marketing. Content marketing drives people to consume information, which promotes interest and generates action. Social media drives engagement, which triggers social behaviors. The pair functions as parents in the inbound marketing family, and the effect is powerful enough to produce generations of loyal customers. Consider these three facts from the Hubspot State of Inbound 2015 report.

  • 75% of marketers around the world prioritize inbound over outbound marketing.[Tweet This]
  • Inbound campaigns achieve higher ROI than outbound.
  • Companies are 3X as likely to see higher ROI on inbound campaigns as on outbound.[Tweet This]

Why Social Media Works So Well in Home Building

Social media harnesses the power of the social proof theory, which suggests that people look to others for guidance, especially when faced with an unfamiliar or uncertain situation. If word-of-mouth can influence small ticket grocery store purchases, when the buyer has familiarity and certainty, then imagine what it can do for big ticket investments. Many young buyers who are active on social media have little to no home buying experience. If you can create a remarkable experience for one buyer, you have the genesis of a viral social media campaign.[Tweet This]

Measures of Success in Social Media

Each social media site has its own unique concepts, but the general path for social media marketing looks like this, regardless of the platform:

Generate remarks about positive experiences with your brand >

Get likes, followers, pins, positive reviews, or votes of confidence >

Inspire dialogue between initial influencers and followers >

Develop a community between your influencers, followers, and YOU >

Reward brand advocates to take a leadership role, expanding the community.

Once you commit resources to engaging with your community, you will use content, contests, incentives, and rewards to ensure that your influencers keep talking. You want to encourage them to generate the repeat exposure to your brand that leads to top-of-mind awareness and brand equity. If your brand focuses on educating consumers, you will use social media to establish your authority, making your business the go-to-resource on home building topics.

Through all of this social media activity, you have two larger business objectives:

  1. Continually generate traffic to your website

Whether you promote a contest, share a blog post, send a video link, or offer a white paper, traffic must be directed to your site. There, you can ask them sign up for an email list, download a report, or make an appointment to visit your models.

  1. Convert online leads to real-world buyers

With your calls-to-action, you are capturing the information you need to get engaged members to enter your lead funnel, so that your sales team can convert them into enthusiastic homebuyers, who will become even more influential social media advocates.

Ready to take the next step? Contact BDX  at info@thebdx.com and discover how to drive online traffic, feed your sales funnel, and sell out your communities fast using social media.


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