Tim Costello Featured on Construction Dive: 3 ways new technology will impact homebuilding

BDX CEO Tim Costello was recently featured on ConstructionDive.com! The article talks about how the home building industry could be changed or disrupted by new technologies. Here is a little snippet from the article:

"It’s no secret that the homebuilding industry is ripe for disruption. What was apparent when talking with industry leaders and listening in on panel discussions at this year’s PCBC, in San Diego, was that the sector is aware of the need for change.

But don’t expect the behemoths to be the ones making the big moves. Leave that to the nimble market entrants that have identified gaps or shortcomings in the way the industry does business and have come to fill them. In fact, many of those companies are already here.

Here are a few trends to watch in homebuilding: ...

Smarter tech will make for a smarter construction process

In his presentation at PCBC, Tim Costello, president and CEO of consultancy BDX, called out a host of new technologies that are expected to impact the homebuilding industry. Among them: voice assistants; game-engine house and community tours; wearables; augmented and virtual reality; point-cloud scanning and offsite construction..."

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