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In This Edition Of The BYTE, BDX Features A Wearable AI translator, A New Way To Test Blood, Sleep Pods On Planes, Microneedles, And Amazon's Store

Welcome to the BYTE, where we serve up the latest home and tech news from the last week for you to sink your teeth into.

This week we’re taking a byte out of a wearable AI translator, a new way to test blood, sleep pods on airplanes, microneedles, and Amazon’s first cashierless grocery store. Dig in!



Talk to Anyone With This AI Translator

Imagine traveling to another country and not knowing the language. Or having a friend whose primary language is different from yours. The current solution is to either learn the language or use an online translator that has the tendency to get words wrong. However, Timekettle Technologies is changing the way we communicate with others through their wearable AI translator – dubbed the WT2 Plus, this device is similar to AirPods and can translate speech into more than 20 languages. A great solution for the language barrier people encounter at international gatherings, business meetings, and even with family.

Blood Testing Technology

Nothing’s more frustrating than waiting for results from a blood test. What’s even worse is finding out you received the wrong diagnosis because of the testing. Meet Karius – the company that’s disrupting the healthcare industry with their genetic testing that can identify more than 1,400 pathogens. As of right now, the company is targeting their services at patients with compromised immune systems, specifically those with cancer. And according to Karius CEO, Mickey Kertesz, genomics and technology like this will completely displace most, if not all, existing technologies in the medical testing space.

Rethink the Way You Fly

One of the cons to flying long distances is the lack of space you’re given. Add in an economy ticket and your level of uncomfortable is high. One airline – Air New Zealand – hears your complaints and has announced that it will be exploring the concept of a lie-flat seat. Dubbed Skynest, this sleep pod would include a pillow, sheets, a blanket and privacy curtains, with the ability to add on a reading light and USB outlet. As of right now, this concept is just that, a concept. But, the idea of sleeping comfortably on a plane sounds appealing and worth the additional fees.

Say Goodbye to Hypodermic Needles

Nobody likes getting shots. In fact, they hurt. And what’s baffling is that 8% of people report avoiding vaccines for that very reason. Researchers have proposed a workaround to this problem however – a patch that contains “microneedles”. Sounds scary, right? It’s actually far less painful and once the needles pierce the skin, they stay put for as long as the test or task requires. The needles were created through 4D printing and are more reliable for drug delivery.

Amazon’s Cashierless Grocery Store

Going to the grocery store is time consuming. Add in long lines at the checkout stations and you could be in there for hours. But fortunately for us, Amazon just opened their first “Just Walk Out” technology grocery store. In other words, shoppers can walk in, grab food, and then walk out without having to stop by the checkout counter. And no, the groceries aren’t free. The way it works is shoppers first use the Amazon Go app (where their payment information is stored) to scan in as they enter the store, then shop, then they exit the store. All of this is being monitored by cameras and sensors that track the items removed from the shelves by the shopper and added to their cart.

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