The BYTE 11/11/22

Mary Diegel

The latest social media and marketing trends.

Welcome to the BYTE, where we serve up the latest marketing and tech news from the last week for you to sink your teeth into. 

This week we’re taking a BYTE out of CTV for YouTube’s Shorts, color in marketing, tips for social hooks, consumer trends, and McDonald’s gaming chair.


YouTube’s CTV Experience for Shorts

With the rise of YouTube’s Connected TV viewers, it was only a matter of time until CTV opportunities were available for the video platform’s Shorts too. YouTube’s latest update allows users to engage with videos and shorts on a bigger screen. Learn more about this new CTV opportunity on Social Media Today’s blog post

Take Notes 

The Power of Color in Marketing

The Colors that represent your brand are more important than most people think. Color impacts emotion and perception and even has the potential to drive action from your audience. View this infographic to leverage more insights into the psychology of color in marketing. 

Google’s Insights on Consumer Trends

From text to image to video, a variety of digital content can engage your audience during their online experience. Google has partnered with Ipsos to survey and identify key trends and consumer behavior online just in time for the holiday season. Check out the results of the survey on Social Media Today’s article.

Social Hook Tips from MrBeast

A great hook is detrimental to your marketing strategy to get your audience’s attention. YouTube Sensation, MrBeast has over 108 million subscribers and knows how to capture his viewers with his captivating hooks, such as his recent video, “$1 vs. $1,000,000 Hotel Room!” Read Future Social’s blog post to take some lessons from MrBeast and optimize your social hooks. 

Totally Unrelated

McDonald’s Gaming Chair

Believe it or not, McDonald’s has created more than just fast food in the past. They are also the creator of the scary Ronald McDonald glove puppet. But their latest invention takes the cake, introducing a gamer’s dream come true - the McCrispy Ultimate Gaming Chair. Did we mention it was grease-proof? Read more about this “Great Golden Throne” in Gizmodo’s article

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