The BYTE [10/10]


Welcome to the BYTE, where we serve up the latest home and tech news from the last week for you to sink your teeth into.

This week we’ll take a BYTE out of a company searching for its way into the big game, many things being taken by storm, possibly the hottest fall in a decade, an entirely new way to social network, and a fun new way to watch college football when you can’t be there in person. Enjoy!


Welcome To The Show

Google had its big hardware event this week and in doing so went after Apple and Amazon in one fell swoop.

What Does Google Make Now?

Google announced many things at this event, a new phone called the Pixel and Pixel XL which some have called the smartest phone ever. The smartphone also come alongside a new VR viewer that looks like your new pair of sweatpants. Google Home will be hitting markets soon, which is attacking the Amazon Echo and is cheaper. Google Wifi will let you get better internet all through your house and the new Chromecast will let you stream 4K video. Google has had some products before that competed directly with their tech counterparts but now they seem to have stepped up their game in a big way.

Highlights from Google's event last week
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Be Safe Out There

Hurricane Matthew Is No Joke

Matthew is being seen as one of the worst storms in a long time. It hit Haiti and plenty of devastation. It cruised through the United States over the weekend and now and a state of emergency has been called in many states. The estimated property damage is as much as $326 billion dollars. We hope everyone is safe and damage is at a minimum.

Hurricane Matthew estimated damage to be as much as $326 million
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Take Notes

Fall Is Heating Up expects this fall to be the best for the housing market in 10 years. There are many factors playing into this: the expected days on the market decreased in September by 4% from last year, record high demand, and the average listing price is 9% higher than last year. All in all this shapes up to one fine looking fall for all of us in the housing market. predicts hottest fall for housing market in 10 years
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Look At Me Now

Facebook showed off its new Oculus toy this week at Oculus Connect. Facebook hopes to redefine social media with VR. The presentation showed that with this Facebook VR app you can actually see and interact with your friends in the virtual world. You have a little character that represents you, and your friends have the same, you can talk, draw things and even fence each other. With VR becoming more common and innovations like this coming out it might be time to redefine how we work with social media.

Facebook shows off its new way to social media
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The Big Hit

This weekend in college football Oklahoma and Texas played. What made this game different from other years or even other games this weekend was that the game was live broadcasted in VR. This is the second game to do this and looks like it might be a huge hit allowing users to change cameras, instantly look at stats and rosters, and much more. The company behind it, LiveLike, received $5 million more in funding after the first game so it might be time to stock up on VR viewers before the next watch party.

Texas vs Oklahoma was broadcasted in VR
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Totally Unrelated

Welcome To The Future

Nike is releasing less than 100 Nike Mag self-lacing shoes. Just like the ones from Back To The Future. The shoes are being raffled off and you can enter the raffle for $10 a ticket, all of the money goes to the Michael J. Fox Foundation.

Nike is finally taking us Back To The Future
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