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This week we’re taking a byte out of AR contact lenses, an on-demand ASL interpreter, month to month leases, accessible E-scooters, and Spotify’s pet playlist. Dig in!



AR Contact Lenses

Contact lenses are meant to correct vision and help users see more clearly. However, one company is taking it a step further. Meet Mojo. A company that aims to place useful data and imagery over your world and improve you vision through the use of contact lenses. The lens itself can put 70,000 pixels into a space that’s the size of a grain of sand. With this lens, users can see the local temperature, the current weather and forecast.

On-Demand ASL Interpreter

We’ve heard of on-demand doctors and we’ve probably used that service, but what if we could take that concept and use it for interpreting purposes? That’s exactly what one company did. Jeenie, an app that allows for someone who is deaf to communicate with a non-ASL-speaking person via an interpreter, is changing the way we connect with the deaf community.

Month to Month Leases

Have you ever wanted to live in a place for months at a time instead of being locked into a lease or mortgage? Well now you can! Startup company Blueground is changing the way people live. Blueground gives people the flexibility to move without the hassle of packing up furniture. That’s the beauty of this concept – it’s for people whose lifestyle revolves around traveling more often than they are home – think actors, athletes, people who need medical treatment at certain hospitals, etc.

Accessible E-scooters

Riding a scooter can definitely save you money and the hassle of having to park in congested parts of town. But, what if you have a disability that prevents you from being able to stand or move? That’s where Lime’s new accessible E-scooters come into play. These scooters feature larger wheels, a seat and a wider handlebar for better balance. Other not-so-noticeable features include a power off button controlled by the user and door delivery of the scooter to your home.

Spotify’s Pet Playlist

It’s the New Year which means Spotify has released their “Tops Songs of the Year” playlist for your enjoyment. It also means Spotify has debuted their new pet playlist generator. Ever wonder what music your pet will enjoy? Well now you can! Once you enter in information about your pet, Spotify curates a playlist based not only on your personal taste in music but the answers you gave about your pet.

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