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The byte from last week’s news includes a foreign neighbor doubling down on their American meal, a whole new world being presented right before our eyes, a search for something new, a ride where you’re the passenger while sitting in the driver seat, a fellow co-worker who is more athletic than us, and something too adorable to pass up.


The Chinese Love Their Homes Twice As Much This Year

Especially if their homes aren’t in China. Chinese real estate investment abroad has doubled compared to last year. Chinese people invested more in US real estate than any other country.

O.K. So What?

Well in just the first six months of 2016 there was $16.1 billion invested in real estate outside of China. So if you like money, this is kind of a big deal because they are spending a lot. With the Chinese housing market being in a little bit of disarray, the investment outside of China isn’t expected to be much different in the second half of the year. This is not a good sign for China and their economy as the country is trying to attract investors from all parts of the globe. As money keeps shifting it will be interesting to see if and how things settle.

An (Intel)ligent, Fully Connected World

At Least That Is One Company’s Goal

Intel announced this week at the Intel Developer Forum that they plan on building an entire world that “we can’t experience today.” Intel unveiled plans for the future at this convention that could affect many aspects of everyday life. There is a new VR Headset that lets you interact in the digital world with physical objects. So if you ever wanted to sculpt a gold statue out of your hundred dollar bill, your time has finally come! There were new super computer chips, full virtual work spaces, advanced add-ons to drones (or any robot for that matter), and much more. This is the latest installment in “Tech Companies Trying To One Up Other Tech Companies.”

Take Notes

Searching For The Right Answer

Google is officially rethinking its Fiber internet solution. They figured out that it is pretty expensive and time consuming to tear up the ground and install wires. Naturally the next step for them would be for them to switch gears to WIFI. They are even buying other companies to get this done. Google is also reaching out to cities to install on preexisting power lines. Google is “Feeling Lucky” on this endeavor.

Steer Clear

Ford announce this week that they will have a completely self-driving car in mass production by 2021, sans steering wheel. They plan on selling this car to ride share companies such as Uber or Lyft then to the general public. They believe this is the next step and are diving in head first. The real test will be whether people are willing to get in a car with 0 control or if people will just start naming their cars the Bat-Mobile or KITT.

Just Another Day In The Office

In a classic case of my co-workers are more in shape than I am, a realtor from Arizona took home bronze on the pommel horse at some big sporting events that have been happening lately. No word yet on how he plans on incorporating the routine into his home tours.

Totally Unrelated

I Can See It In Your Eyes…

A new found friend in the deep sea known as a Stubby Squid might just have the best eyes out there. The googly-eyed animal has stolen the hearts of the internet and ours as well.


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