Online Design Centers: Your Questions Answered - Part Two

Last week we answered your Top 5 questions about the benefits of online design centers to you, your manufactures and your customers.  This week we answer the Top 5 technical questions we receive from builders like you to help you determine if Envision is a good fit for your business.

1. Do we have to keep the product data up-to-date in Envision manually?

No. The manufacturers are responsible for updating product content. The builder is only responsible for managing what products are offered with their options, as you do today in your day to day. This approach means that data is fresh and in line with current manufacturers’ offerings.  And better yet, you are in the know when product lines are discontinued or when SKU numbers change!

2. We have an ERP.  Is it possible to connect the two technologies?

Yes! Envision has open web services and APIs in place that can integrate with any ERP or CRM systems. We have several offerings that allow builders of all levels of systems in place to leverage their data and reduce any errors or manual management

3. We have different options that show on a per-plan basis. How does that work with Envision?

Just like it does in your systems today! If you have an option that is available in a certain community in a specific plan at a given price point, then Envision mimics your structure.  Your internal systems are still the system of record for pricing and availability. 

4. Visualizers are amazing, but we sell options by packages. How would this work for us?

Our integrated Visualizers with Envision can showcase both all your packages as well as any a la carte offerings – you decide.  And, you are able to use that same Visualizer across the entire buyer journey, from pre-sales to when your buyer contracts and beyond. This should really pour gas on your marketing efforts!

5. I can't afford Envision.

Our data says otherwise. Envision leads convert at unheard-of rates of 20-40% directly from your website. In addition, bounce rates are reduced, time on site increases, and the level of engagement is off the charts. Our data also shows that the average increase for option sales is about 30%—a direct impact on your bottom line in the thousands. And finally, Envision creates raving fans, improving your customer satisfaction ratings by 20%! We’ve had builders tell us they can’t afford NOT to adopt an online design center in this competitive market. And what other initiative will you do that actually makes you more money and creates customers for life?

More questions? We are here to help! Contact or your BDX Digital Marketing Consultant today.

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