How to reply to leads from Spanish Speakers



Techniques To Help Builders Potentially Make The Sale To Hispanic BuyersNone of my sales staff speaks Spanish—what can I do when I get a lead?

No hay ningùn problema… No Problem!

Read on for some tried and proven techniques to help you potentially make the sale to Hispanic buyers which are the fastest growing group of home owners in the U.S.!

Irrespective of which language we speak, we are all drawn to happiness. In fact, it is contagious—so, be friendly! Find a common ground. Use a calm and respectful yet happy tone to put them at ease. Most importantly, be prepared. Keep in mind that most Hispanic home buyers know some English, will bring a family member with them or will have someone at home who can help with translation—usually a younger child who is fluent in English.


Tip: Hispanic parents are very proud of their children who have become fluent in the English language. They will take every opportunity to show how proud they are of their children by asking them to help as translators. Praising the efforts of the child goes a long way in establishing a bond between you and the Hispanic home buyer.

Be prepared

  • Create canned Spanish replies using a translation platform like Google Translate.
  • Indicate that you have no Spanish speakers on staff, but would love to answer their questions and make an appointment.
  • Ask if they mind going back and forth via email and you’ll use Google Translate.
  • Ask if they have a relative or friend that is bilingual that could act as a go-between for a phone or in-person conversation.
  • Bring in a Spanish speaking agent to help them or they could bring their own bilingual agent to help.

In person welcome them to your development with a friendly smile. Have brochures and collateral in Spanish ready to hand out in the sales center and placed in each model home. Have an iTranslate app ready on your smart phone. The iTranslate apps provide a live translation. It’s not only effective but a very fun way to communicate.

You can also enjoy a brief welcome conversation using simple canned responses:

  • Hola buenos dìas!  Substitute for good morning or good afternoon.
  • ¿Còmo le puedo ayudar? How can I help you?
  • ¿Qué buscas?”  What are you looking for?

On the phone be prepared with a canned message that you have already translated and a Spanish version of your collateral that you can email or mail to them.

After hours. Include a Spanish version of your after-hours phone messages spoken by a native speaker.

In conclusion . . . don’t miss out on appealing to the Hispanic home buyer. They will appreciate the sincere efforts you are making to help and communicate with them even if you don’t know each other’s languages perfectly!

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