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Annual planning is around the corner, and if you are like most builder marketers, your website is on the agenda to discuss. Whether discussing a new website or improving your current one, leads and conversions are high on the list of priorities for most builders this year. While many were flooded with leads and more business than they could handle in the previous years, the economic conditions have priced many out of the market and the grab on qualified consumers is sure to be intense. It’s time to bring your A game online.

A stellar website is a necessity today, but there is only so much it can accomplish on its own. Search engine optimization is essential to ensure that consumers can find your website. An effective SEO strategy can help your website rank higher in search engines. It’s not just about ranking for common terms like ‘new homes.’ Ranking for long-tail searches that are more specific can be highly effective at bringing clicks that are more likely to convert. Working with a team like BDX on your SEO efforts makes sense if your SEO strategy needs to be more focused and strategic. BDX leverages insights from several data points, giving them the most extensive insight that the industry has to offer.

1. BDX Leverages Insights from NewHomeSource

If you type new homes and your city of choice, chances are that NewHomeSource will populate as the number one search result on Google for most cities in the US. We’ve homed in on effective SEO strategies in our 22 years of managing NewHomeSource and we leverage those strategies for our clients.

2. BDX Understands New Home Shoppers—40 Million of Them!

BDX doesn’t just know builders, we understand new home shoppers too. With access to 40 million shoppers, we analyze, test, and document what drives consumers. You could say that every BDX employee is a student of home shoppers, always seeking to understand and fine-tune how we increase engagements and conversions on behalf of our builders. We leverage the data we gather from home shoppers to ensure that we optimize our clients’ sites to answer the questions that consumers are asking.

3. BDX Manages Hundreds of Builder Websites

Benchmarks are a healthy measure of success. BDX manages hundreds of builder websites across the country. From small custom builder websites to large national websites and everyone between. BDX leverages best practices across our websites to ensure that our SEO efforts are effective at meeting not only our own KPIs or benchmarks, but also those of our clients.

If you’d like more information on how BDX can help build a best-in-class website and SEO strategy, email us or visit us at

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At BDX, our team of experts sets us apart. For over 20 years, we’ve helped top builders successfully market their new home communities. We work with over 1000 builders to create successful digital marketing programs. Our professionals are experts in the latest technology, marketing, and industry trends.

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