How To Create Share-Worthy Content That Will Ignite Your Social Media



Both images and videos have proven to show better engagement on social media than a text only post. While video is still a clear winner in terms of driving clicks, images are a close second. There is no doubt that consumers love visual content. Platforms like Pinterest and Instagram wouldn’t be what they are today if it weren’t for the inspiring visuals that bring color to our news feeds. If you’re ready to ignite your social media, follow along as we uncover what a few tests on the New Home Source Facebook page revealed when it comes to maximizing the impact of builder content.

Learning #1—Unfurnished Photos Are Better Than Nothing, But Not Best
Unfurnished photos are okay, but not great when it comes to sharing content on social media. With the absence of furniture it’s very hard to judge the dimensions of a room from a photo.

Tips To Create Share Worthy Content For Social Media

Learning #2—Virtually Staged Photos Outperform Unfurnished Photos
Virtually staged photos show significantly higher engagement when compared to unfurnished photos, outperforming them 2:1. The exception seems to be the kitchen. With minimal décor needed in a kitchen, tests did not show a drastic improvement in engagement. This rule would not hold true on combo rooms that would also include a dining or living space.

Tips To Create Share Worthy Content For Social Media

Learning #3— Renderings Rule, Outperforming Unfurnished Photos
Perhaps one of the most surprising results of our test - renderings outperformed unfurnished photos by a 3:1 ratio! It appears that the lighting detail and careful attention to interior design earns renderings a top spot when it comes to engagement.

Tips To Create Share Worthy Content For Social Media

Learning #4—Performance Peaks When An Unfurnished Photo Is Paired With A Rendering
Don’t toss out the renderings when your model home is built. Our research shows that home shoppers click more when shown an unfurnished photo paired with the rendering of the same home, winning by 3:1. Seeing the side by side seems to earn their trust and allows them to envision the home with their belongings.

Tips To Create Share Worthy Content For Social Media

Learning #5—Video Is Still King
While not included in our Facebook test, we thought it was worth mentioning that video still earns the highest engagement on social media. Whether you are showcasing built or unbuilt plans, video like this animated home tour can be a powerful part of your social strategy.

Will you accept the challenge and see how far you can take your social media this year? You can learn more about memorable, share-worthy content at or email us at



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