Builders Digital Experience & Partner To Bring New Home Listings To Chinese Buyers


Partnership helps fill market need as survey shows that Chinese buyers prefer new construction homes.


China’s most popular international real estate website,, has signed an in-depth partnership with Builders Digital Experience (BDX), the leading provider of digital marketing and sales solutions for American home builders. BDX works with over 1,000 builder clients across the USA and operates the number one new home listing site,

The BDX partnership will allow to provide its more than 2 million users per month access to new home listings from leading single-family new home builders across the USA. BDX is the leading source for up-to-date new home information with over 110,000 new home listings updated daily.

For the first time in China, consumers will have access to the same pricing, availability and feature information as consumers in the USA. Every listing will be professionally translated into simplified Chinese.

Tim Costello, CEO of Builders Digital Experience, said, “Our mission is to help builders use the Internet to not only reach buyers but also connect with them. By partnering with and translating new home listings into Chinese, we are tapping into a significant and proven market opportunity giving our clients access to these 1.3 billion potential buyers.”

Matthew Moore,’s Head of the Americas, said, “Some Chinese buyers in the US have a strong preference for new homes, but until today it has been very hard for them to discover or research these listings. Builders Digital Experience is finally making it possible for us to offer them tens of thousands of new homes from as many as 1,000 builders across the country.”

Do Chinese Buyers Prefer New Homes?
In a recent survey conducted by, when asked to rank on a scale of one to 10 how strongly they would consider a new home, Chinese would-be buyers of US real estate gave their highest average ranking, 7.3, to “a brand new home offered by a builder.” They ranked “an existing home” at 5.8 and a “custom-built home” at 5.05.

What Are the Top Priorities for Chinese Buyers of US Homes?
In the same survey, asked Chinese buyers for their priorities when buying a home in the United States. Obtaining a safe neighborhood was the top response, with 82 percent of the total.

Convenience was second and named by 63 percent of the respondents. Other popular priorities were proximity to good schools (57 percent), an established neighborhood (56 percent) and quality of construction (50 percent).

The least important factors were the character and uniqueness of the home (12 percent) and the ability to customize the home (14 percent).’s Mr. Moore said the following about the results:

“While most Chinese actually purchase existing homes, there is a strong cultural preference for new homes. When a new home is also located near good schools or other conveniences, it really has an advantage.”

Moore continued, “New home builders have a product that is very appealing to Chinese buyers, whether they are pure investors, or intend to live in the property, The fact that it is new suggests the home will be of a higher quality and in better condition than an existing home that has been lived in.”

“Because three quarters of Chinese buyer inquiries in the USA last year were at least partially related to education, builders should emphasize in their marketing the quality of local schools and proximity to area universities.”

“With domestic buyers, builders spend a lot of effort emphasizing the quality of the homes they build, but with Chinese buyers they need to do just as much to communicate why the community over all is an attractive place to live.”

About the Survey conducted the survey from 18 March – 31 March 2016. Chinese likely property buyers participated in the survey online and by phone through the Chinese Consumer Support Centre. The data does not reflect any official opinion of Juwai Limited nor its employees.

About Builders Digital Experience
Builders Digital Experience (BDX) is a leading provider of digital marketing and sales solutions for home builders. In addition to hosting the top new home listing site (, and providing distribution of new home listings to hundreds of real estate websites, BDX offers website development, interactive floor plans, photo realistic renderings, and digital sales solutions to builders and real estate developers. Together these online and interactive resources help builders create a true digital experience for their buyers. For more information, visit

About is the No. 1 Chinese international property portal, with more than 2 million visitors from 403 cities in China and 165 countries and showcasing 2.5 million listings from 89 countries. The company was named the top international real estate website in China in both 2014 and 2015 by China’s peak e-commerce body and in November 2015 won Red Herring’s Global Top 100 award. is headquartered in Shanghai, with an additional office in Hong Kong. For info or to advertise:

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