BDX's Tim Costello Presents Digital Transformation of the Customer Experience to SLHBA

BDX's Tim Costello will speak at the SLHBA.

Presented By: Tim Costello, BDX CEO

When: 11:45am, February 22nd, 2017

Where: WCF Building, 100 west Towne Ridge Parkway, Sandy, UT

RSVP to or call 801-748-4134

What you'll learn: 

As the interactive online experience becomes more prevalent in other industries, new home shoppers are increasing their appetite for a more immersive online experience. Do you
know if you are meeting the expectations of today’s shoppers?

This session will showcase how other industries are using technology from Kiosks,
iPad apps, and Virtual Design Centers to transform the entire customer experience.

See how others are changing their marketing, selling and ownership of the product and demonstrate how we can apply these lessons to the home building industry.

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