Photoreal Renderings

Renderings are probably your most fundamental marketing tool.  Some might argue that good photos are key, but photos come with so many limitations that you just don’t have with renderings.

The most obvious advantage of renderings is the home isn’t built yet, which means you also didn’t pay to get it furnished, but that’s just the start. Why not virtually furnish the same home in multiple styles? Create both day and dusk images. You choose the landscaping, and ensure every detail is exactly as it should be and leave nothing to chance.

But not all renderings are created equal. BDX has been in the Rendering business for over 15 years and rather than relying on outside resources, we manage our own teams in India and Argentina, where all the industry’s best renderings are made.

Our photoreal renderings are really in a class of their own. While some might use a fancy name and charge a premium price, our photoreal renderings are a cut above without the higher price tag, we offer more traditional, or “standard” renderings and “photoreal".

Sounds impressive, right? But why does it matter? Well, why do you decorate a model home? Why do you spend money on the best photography services?  We all want the potential buyer to picture themselves living in that home. Even if it’s not built yet. Rather than showing them a “drawing,” show them the home! Let them get a feel for how it will actually look. Show them, their new home! 

So, check out photoreal renderings from BDX or email us for more information.

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At BDX, our team of experts sets us apart. For over 20 years, we’ve helped top builders successfully market their new home communities. We work with over 1000 builders to create successful digital marketing programs. Our professionals are experts in the latest technology, marketing, and industry trends.

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