Tricks to Make Your Quick Move In Homes Disappear Like Magic



Tips On How To Sell Your Inventory Homes Faster

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As the end of the year approaches, you may notice you have more inventory homes than buyers. So, how can you – a builder – sell these homes faster? During this post, we’ll discuss five ways to target home shoppers so that they keep you top of mind this fall as well as tips and tricks to help you sell your quick move in homes sooner rather than later.

Reach Active New Home Intenders

When users visit, they’re searching for new homes, not used homes. As a matter of fact, 63 percent of homes shoppers on NHS prefer new versus used. Once a shopper enters the NHS site, they’re looking for a reason to stay. Our premium ad packages let you maximize your exposure. Or try owning a page skin for a weekend in your market and create an incentive that promotes urgency. Your listings on NHS will succeed if you:

  1. Add your builder logo
  2. Add a location and price point
  3. Include high contrast images

Reconnect With Retargeting

Don’t forget about home shoppers who have already shown interest. According to AdAge, “website visitors who are retargeted with display ads are 70% more likely to convert” You can also retarget home shoppers on Facebook. And don’t fret about Facebook’s recent targeting parameters – we’ve done all the filtering for you, so you can target our exclusive New Home Source audience on this platform. But, we don’t just stop there – we’ve also introduced our BDX retargeting program. You can now reach our qualified new home audience anywhere they go. NewHomeSource to a builder website? No problem! We limit our recent windows to a max of 14 days and we only serve to approved sites that perform and meet stringent brand requirements. 

Drive Foot Traffic With Agents

Working with agents doesn’t have to be complicated. According the National Association of Realtors, 63% of new home buyers are represented by an agent. With our New Home Agent Connections program, builders can target agents with our proven eflyer templates. Our program includes:

  1. Mobile friendly emails
  2. A targeted list of active agents
  3. Social targeting

And the process is so simple and fast! To order an eflyer:

  1. Make a request
  2. Select a GEO
  3. Get ready for deployment
  4. Get reporting to analyze your success

Make Yourself Unforgettable – Content is King

You’ve probably heard that content is king… and it very much is! But, did you know that buyers expect a dynamic experience when they’re shopping for a home? Spruce up the content for your inventory homes with Matterport tours, interactive floorplans, cutaway homes, and much more! It’s not enough to just show standard floorplans and photos – shoppers want killer content that has them running to a sales center.

Helping you sell inventory homes is our specialty. We offer many products and services that will keep you top of mind with home shoppers. To learn more about how BDX can help you, contact one of our digital marketing experts.

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